48' & up

I was once at my client's restaurant, and while he stepped away for a moment I had a brief conversation with a man who had came to see him. After some small talk, he asked me what I did for a living. I explained to him that I was and architect and interior designer who worked in nautical interiors. He followed by saying: "Boats... well, but that's kind of limited. Boats are very small and there's not much room for creativity". My answer was: "Well, that depends on the kind of ship you have..."

48 ft (14.6 mts) is on average the smallest size of overall length you can have on a ship for us to start talking about interior nautical design. In Costa Rica, some of the most traditional brands are the Riviera, Azimut and Bertram Yachts. A ship this size, generally speaking, will have a sleeping capacity of 6-7 persons. It will have clearly defined spaces, but most importantly, different floor levels. On the first upper level of an average 43' to 48' you will have a flybridge with helm station, middle level you will have a mezzanine lounge with integrated outdoor barbecue, and separated by sliding glass doors, is the indoor social area with dinning and kitchen. On the lowest level, you will find the aft and starboard cabins, which have the traditional round windows which are typical of nautical ships. That's your basic.

From there, we move to the 100' (30.4 mts) category, where you can customize a great part of the areas of the yacht, as well as materials such as the fabrics, leathers and woods and choose from various technological aspects like the HD monitors. The 100' category can accommodate about 12 persons, including crew.

From then on, you can have as much space as your heart desires, until you reach the super yachts or mega yachts category. Here we are speaking of nautical ships of 300' (88.5 mts) & up overall length which can hold up to 12 guests and a crew of 25 people. Some of the most prestigious super yacht brands are Oceanco, Pride Mega Yachts and Tankoa Yachts. On a further post, I will discuss more on the advantages of super yachts besides the evident comfort and size, such as engine and amenities.