How to dress when shopping for a yacht

Based on my visits to yacht shows and also the different experiences boarding yachts on different locations in order to make inspections, I thought it would be nice to share with you 5 key tips on how to properly dress in order to safely, comfortably and practically enjoy your experience and look like a pro.

Tip #1. Wear easy on/off shoes

This might be the most important one, specially if you are on a yacht show or in some other place where you see many yachts on the same day. Its a norm when going on board a yacht, -for reasons other than leassure-, to take your shoes off prior to boarding. It can become really tiresome and impractical if you wear comfortable shoes for walking but not practical shoes to take off (like running shoes).

For women I recommend: alpargatas, flats or elegant sandals.

For men I recommend: boat shoes, espadrilles, slip-ons, or elegant sandals.

Make sure they are comfortable and ergonomic as most likely you will be walking many hours.

Tip #2. Do not wear socks

This is also key. Even at super well organized events like the Miami Yacht Show, the slips get wet. Yacht brands usually cover their slips with carpet in order to make them look more elegant. However, the movement of the boats inevitably splashes some water on the docks and slips, making the carpet wet. This means, when you take your shoes off prior to get on board, you will end up with wet socks. And we know there’s hardly a more uncomfortable feeling than wearing wet socks. If you absolutely must wear some, you might have to carefully sit on the benches provided on the stands, and work your way around with some high-balance postures trying to get them off and on again every time without touching the floor. Not an impossible task, but an impractical one.

Tip #3. Wear essential sun protection

This might be a common sense one. However you’d be surprised at the amount of people who attend these events or go scouting around for yachts without basic gear in order to withstand a day of full sun. Be sure to get at least:

A hat - otherwise you will end up with a massive headache

Sunglasses - the glare is pretty intense, not only from the water, but from the boats itself as they are massive and white, which makes the light rebound.

Sunblock - I usually carry around a stick-type sunblock, so its small and I can reply anytime.

If you are slightly more obsessed with skincare, like me, you might also want to carry:

Long sleeves - There’s super nice gear with SPF 50+ that will make you look nice and protect your arms

Lip balm - Too much sun gets you quickly dehydrated and lip balm helps you prevent a harsh look until you get your hands on some water.

Speaking of water, most yacht brands will have their own water on their lounge, along with other type of refreshments like sparkling water, sodas and of course, champagne. This way you don’t need to carry your water bottle around, which will make your cruising around easier and lighter.

Tip #4. Dress comfortably and strategically

For women, that means no skirts of any kind. For men that means not too dressed up. Remember that you will be going on and off board several times, not to mention, the going up and down the stairs within each yacht you visit. Wearing nice, cool clothes made of thin linen and cotton, for example, is perfect. If you are one of those people who sweats a lot, you might also want to consider wearing clothes that will conceal a bit more sweat stains. Here again, nice SPF clothing might come handy.

Tip #5. Use a digital tool to make useful notes

Deciding on a yacht purchase is a process that usually takes months, sometimes years. Most serious buyers take opportunity on the yacht shows to look at the specific brands and models that they are interested in, specially if they are still undecided in between several brands or models. Therefore, a practical way to make the most out of your visit is to use key resources such as apps that will let you take notes and insert pictures on it. Then you will be able to specifically capture pictures of any given feature you like and write down your thoughts and observations. You can also categorize your notes into the different yacht brands you are interested in. If its your first time on one of these events and you are seriously considering buying a yacht but do not know where to start, this tip is a must. You can get easily overwhelmed by the amount of information and taking good notes on the spot will help you better inform your decisions later on.

For my product of the month I decided to deviate from interiors and go with practical gear for yacht boarding to be aligned with this months topic. This one you might already know as it is quite popular. Geckobrands creates waterproof products. I use their bags when going on inspections and I love them. The mobile cases are also great, specially for going kayaking or paddle boarding as the case floats in case you drop it.

Hope you find these tips useful. Remember you can subscribe to my monthly blog. That way I will come directly to you. Thanks for reading.