YACHT Interior Design

Either for a newly acquired yacht, one undergoing a refit, or simply wanting a fresh, new look, we create the best looking, comfortable and functional interiors creating a seamless cruising experience. We consider the latest design trends not forgetting about the high demands on technical specifications for materials due to salty environments and extreme sun exposure. Services include:

-Window treatments, enclosures and bimini tops

-Bedding (custom-made mattresses & linens)


-Upholstery for interiors and exteriors

-Interior Design staging for yacht showing due to sale


yacht interior management

Like a backstage opera-conductor, yacht interior managers help create, polish and perfect the intricacies of the experiences on board. We do product sourcing as well as

We help create a more sophisticated yachting experience by:

-Product sourcing in order to acquire any item needed for the yacht's interior

-Optimizing crew skills

-Inevitable wear-and-tear control and fix

-Crew's uniform design

By understanding the client's needs and requirements, we create a proposal in order to take care of the details until every last item is on board. We safely guard the information and keep a record of the desired items for future orders.

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yacht steward workshops

Surprise your guest on board with top quality service. We make sure your crew learns the ways in which guests are served and how a yacht must be presented at all times. From the most basic yacht serving skills to more technical ones. Our Level 1-Yacht Steward Workshop is a 7 hour which covers topics such as:

-Etiquette & Protocol

-Food & Beverage Service

-Cleaning & Yacht Organization

-Decoration & Presentation

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Architecture and interiors

Our expertise on land and water based projects offers unique insights. We combine the sophistication and efficiency of yacht interiors and bring them to land, delivering projects based on beauty, elegance and a high-performance use of space.