I´m a man of simple tastes. I´m always satisfied with the best
— Oscar Wilde

A yacht is not only a vessel, it’s a symbol. It’s a symbol of effort, of legacy, of asserted decisions, of discipline.

It’s a reminder of a loved one, of their leadership and their passion.

For others it’s a symbol of motivation. An instrument to create wonderful experiences in breathtaking scenarios, for far-distance travelers.

Cruising, sailing and experiencing the freedom that only the ocean gives.

This is the Pura Vida life.

The spaces we create are a product of our bespoke process; organized, planned, technical and detail oriented. Because every inch counts.

Side by side, with my experience in national and international architecture, yacht interior design, and marine-specialized luxury surfaces and materials, combined with your inspiration and vision.

Together, we will realize your distinctive nautical experience. 

Your symbol. Your legacy. Their awe.



You desire a sophisticated space. An environment with the look, feel and function, on par with any experience found on land. An object of admiration and respect in any port you visit. Whether imprinting personality to your yacht, changing a small part of the aspect of it, or going deep into a complete refurbishment, we help you create the best looking, highest-performance nautical interiors, creating a seamless cruising experience. Read more.


From lighting, to custom-made furniture. From fixtures, to appliances. We help you acquire only the best products for nautical interiors furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E). Such as marine teak or synthetic flooring, window… . Read more


Our expertise on sea-side and water based projects offers unique insight on high-performance, high-design solutions for constructions and interiors on heavily salty environments. Read more.

Service countrywide to all major marinas.

A prepared and professional woman. We loved working with her
— Valentina Peverali, Panache Sailing Tours